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Autumn holiday for 2

Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

On top of a busy summer, a short holiday trip with a few relaxing holiday days in unique nature with pampering gastronomy and exciting experiences can be both uplifting and restorative. The north-west coast is perfect for those of you who dream away from busy everyday life

Experience the impressive views and the nature that is gradually changing to beautiful autumn colours, feel the West Sea wind and the sound of the waves hitting the coast and enjoy wonderful, local flavors that will both seduce and spoil you and your travel partner at the same time.

We have gathered inspiration for exciting experiences for a mini-holiday for those of you who would like to experience autumn along the Danish northwest coast - either from a cozy summer house in the dunes close to the sea, a historic seaside hotel or perhaps an authentic Bed & Breakfast.

Guide to mini-holidays along the North-West coast

Udsigt fra Rubjerg Knude Nordvestkysten sommer 2020
Destination Nordvestkysten

Unique views and a real safari

Visit the popular site of Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, which was recently moved. The nature on the site is absolutely unique, and here you can enjoy the view of the sea from the high slopes. Alternatively, you can drive to Nørlev beach and take the car down to the beach and experience nature from the beach side or book a guided West Coast safari in a Land Rover with OutNature from Løkken.

Keramik nordvestkysten
Destination Nordvestkysten

Specialties & exciting art

Visit the cozy holiday town, which contains very exciting handcrafts. Experience the working workshops of, for example, glassblower Leif Vange or ceramicists Keramoda and Dorte Visby. Visit for example the popular restaurant at Villa Vest Badehotel or enjoy an impressive brunch at Keramikcafeen Møllehuset, where homemade specialties and beautifully turned ceramics create a cozy atmosphere.

Hirtshals Fyr
Destination Nordvestkysten

Gourmet and view from Hirtshals Lighthouse

Enjoy the beautiful view from the top of Hirtshals Lighthouse and be spoiled at one of the area's popular dining places, e.g. with a gourmet experience at Restaurant Abstrakt or the fantastic view at Restaurant Lilleheden. Visit the Eagle Sanctuary and experience the majestic eagles as they unfold right above you.

Børglum kloster
Destination Nordvestkysten

Art experiences in Løkken

Visit the beautiful, old Børglum Abbey from 1035 and experience the historical setting that bears witness to a time when Denmark was ruled from Vendsyssel.

Sauna på Strand
Destination Nordvestkysten

A dip in Vesterhavet

A dip in Vesterhavet is tempting all year round. Combine a trip in the waves with pampering in the Sauna cabin on Løkken beach. In several places you can also take part in a joint morning dip, e.g. in Blokhus every day at 8.00 all year round or at Husmoderstranden in Hirtshals,  at 7am on weekdays and 8am on weekends. The swimming trip often ends with tasty "bjesk", which you can warm up with!

Museum for Papirkunst
Destination Nordvestkysten

Enchanting paper clips in Blokhus

Experience enchanting paper clips at the Danmarks only Museum for paperart in Blokhus, where meter-long paper clips prepared with small embroidery scissors tell stories and enchant the audience. Experience impressive sand sculptures at Skulpturparken Blokhus and finish the trip with delicious gastronomy at Restaurant Blå at Strandhotellet Blokhus - or in the beautiful authentic maritime environment at the old beaching farm with the town's oldest building: Restaurant Futten.

Sæler, Nordsøen Oceanarium
Nordsøen Oceanarium

Hyggelige oplevelser under havoverfladen

Gå på opdagelse sammen hos Nordsøen Oceanarium, hvor Nordens største akvarium byder på et unikt indblik i livet hos Nordsøens spændende undervandsskabninger. Gå hånd i hånd gennem mørket til de mange spændende og interaktive udstillinger, hvor smukke akvarier lyser op og sæt jer ned i caféen, hvor og en lækker frokost og hinanden selskab kan nydes.

Svinklovene - Svinkløv

Nature and guided tours

Visit Svinklovene and Fosdalen, which are part of Denmark's Nature Canon. During the autumn holidays (week 42) there is a Sustainability Festival in the area, where guided tours are also arranged that you can take part in. Bulbjerg Bird Mountain is worth a visit. Experience the beautiful view of the entire bay from the top, go down into the bunker or take the stairs down to the beach and see all the birds that have breeding grounds on the mountain.

Nationalpark Thy
Mette Johnsen

Nationalpark Thy

Visit Thy National Park and take the trip along the coastal road between Hanstholm and Klitmøller, where the nature is something very special. In Thy National Park, you should stop at the Isbjerget, which is the highest point in the Hanstholm Wildlife Reserve. At Stenbjerg Landingsplads you should experience the small beautiful fishing houses and possibly visit the national park's information center. Stop at Lodbjerg Lighthouse, take the trip to the top of the lighthouse, where you'll get the view of the moors and the sea, and finish e.g. the day with dinner at restaurant Agger Darling.

Thy Whisky
Destination Nordvestkysten

Gin & Whisky

Visit Thy Whisky, a Danish organic whiskey distillery, made on the eco-farm Gyrupgård in Thy. Here you can e.g. take a tour of the farm and see the distillery, while also taking part in a whiskey tasting where you taste different flavours. You can also taste a beer made from Gyrupgård's own malt and some other specialties made from the farm's ingredients.

Bovbjerg Fyr og Klint

The homeliness of Northwest Jutland

Visit Bovbjerg Klint and Bovbjerg Lighthouse, where you get a truly unique nature experience together with the lovely Northwest Jutland homeliness in the lighthouse keeper's old living room, which today houses a café with wonderful taste experiences with fish, deer, Western sea cheese that is stored at Bovbjerg, greens and delicious home-baked cakes, which on Sundays form a very special Sunday cake table.

Nørre Vosborg

The manor house in Nørre Vosborg

Discover the place where H. C. Andersen spent the night. Take a walk in the beautiful nature around the manor house or enjoy a meal in the restaurant established in the north wing from the 17th century - all newly decorated with respect for the times that have passed. Take a tour of the Manor and see the beautifully restored living rooms, which are decorated with seasonal flowers all year round, or enjoy a walk in the surrounding park.

bovbjerg fyr Thyborøn
Destination Nordvestkysten

Ice art and the temptations of the fjord in Thyborøn

Take part in the exciting guided tours organized by the Jutland Aquarium in Thyborøn. On an exciting seal safari you can experience the seals on the sandbanks in the fjord or you can sail with the boat on Oystersafari and taste the temptations of the fjord. If you are more into indoor activities, you can experience impressive ice sculptures and exciting lighting at Iskunsten.

Efterår i Fårup Sommerland
Fårup Sommerland

Experience Lightfall in Fårup Sommerland

Experience Fårup Summerland in a completely different and much more romantic light, when the forest is lit up by thousands of lamps for Fall. With delicious, new dining places, there is plenty of opportunity for a sensual experience for two. The park already opens on the weekend of 7-8. October and is open throughout the autumn holidays until 9.30 p.m.

Testcenter Østerild
Destination Nordvestkysten

Experience the world's windmills

In the national test center at Østerild, there are a number of the giant energy sources, and you have the opportunity to get up close during the autumn holidays. Here you can take a guided tour, where there will first be an introduction at the Visitor Centre, after which you will drive around the enormous wind turbines in your own car and be guided via radio transmitter.

Thyborøn Havn Puck maxi

Beautiful train ride in West Jutland

Try the VLTJ and get a pleasant train ride where you can also see some of the beautiful nature in West Jutland. VLTJ runs every day between Vemb, Lemvig and Thyborøn. VLTJ is known, among other things, from the VLTJ-song, which the local band Tørfisk made several years ago, where train travel and the landscape are celebrated in glorious West Jutland terms. Combine the tour with a guided tour on Puck Maxi in Thyborøn with Hedevang Outdoor, and see the whole area in an authentic and humorous way with high speed, and green milk crates!

strandingsmuseum St Georg
Destination Nordvestkysten

Strandingsmuseum St. George in Thorsminde

Fantastic location, award-winning architecture and stormy stranding stories characterize Strandingsmuseum St. George. The museum contains, among other things, many thousands of findings from the wreck of the 2 ships that ran aground on Christmas Eve in 1811 outside Thorsminde. Almost 1,400 sailors perished. Through scenography, sound, light and film, the story is communicated in a new and different way.

Lodbjerg Fyr
Destination Nordvestkysten

Lodbjerg lighthouse og wonderful wellness

Lodbjerg Lighthouse is located in the middle of Denmark's largest wilderness National Park Thy, and is the starting point for hikes into the untouched landscape in the dunes between Lodbjerg and Lyngby. Go all the way up to the lighthouse and enjoy the view of a landscape dominated by dune plantations and rugged sea dunes. If you feel like pampering yourself after the many kilometers in your legs, then it's time for a visit to Sydthy Kurbad, where you can enjoy wellness treatments, outdoor wilderness baths and four different types of sauna. You can end the day with delicious food and accommodation at Hotel Thinggaard near Thisted.

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