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When will you go on vacation?

Livet ved Nordvestkysten er meget mere end bare Danmark.  Det er 250 km. vestkyst, der er autentisk og vildt, uendeligt og trygt, ægte og uspoleret. 

Under temaet: Bare ude vestpå har vi samlet inspiration med de bedste oplevelser, som du ikke må gå glip af i din ferie.  

Herude vestpå smager livet bare af meget mere.

Svinkløv Badehotel

Where do you want to stay overnight?

Life out west

Visit the Northwest coast and feel the contrasts between light and dark, silence and storm. Here you can get really close to the nature all year round. The sky is wide and there are many possibilities and space to be together with your closest ones to create great memories.

Below you can read more about the various things you can experience OUT WEST.

Rubjerg knude fyr 2020

NATURE OUT WEST - nature experiences

Out here westwards. Life is lived and experienced in a unique way.   Here Denmark meets infinity.  Here the sky and the sea expand outwards.  Nature invites you to widen your horizon  and breathe. A little deeper.  So that you sense how the North Sea salt  gives the air and life a fuller flavour.  Wondrous and ever-changing.  Welcome to life out west