Efterår 2022 - smagsoplevelser

10 pleasant autumn experiences with flavour

Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

For most people, holiday means both relaxation and extra pampering. Along the Northwest coast this autumn, there are a number of experiences that you can enjoy and at the same time pamper your taste buds.

We have gathered inspiration for 10 pleasant holiday experiences that are full of both history, passionate storytellers and local flavour.
The list is intended as inspiration and is not exhaustive. Find more taste experiences out west here


Keramikcafé Møllehuset
Keramikcafé Møllehuset

Autumn coffee and cake tables

Autumn signifies candles, treats, and coziness. Snuggle up indoors while the weather gets cold and paints a nature with a warm and beautiful color palette. We have gathered some of the best cafes and dining spots on the Northwest Coast when it comes to indulging in homemade temptations.

bovbjerg fyr Thyborøn
Destination Nordvestkysten

Oystersafari with Jyllandsakvariet

Join us on an exciting 3-hour oyster hunt on the bay including a lovely sailing trip departing from Oddesund. Here, the passionate guides from the Jyllandsakvariet in Thyborøn will help you find the temptations of the bay, and when the hunt is over, you will taste oysters both raw or cooked on a charcoal grill, where they are enjoyed together with a glass of bubbles.

Fjand Gårdbutik
Fjand Gårdbutik

Fjand Farm Shop

8 km south of Thorsminde and just north of Vedersø Klit, you will find the cozy Fjand Gårdbutik, which is an old dune farm and beach service residence that exudes a lovely atmosphere. Here you can go shopping in the cozy shops, enjoy delicious specialties for lunch in the cafe or visit the local gallery.

Bovbjerg Fyr og Klint

Vesterhavs cheese and Bovbjerg lighthouse

At the far end of the cliff in unique west coast nature, you should visit Bovbjerg Lighthouse and the cozy café housed in the former lighthouse keeper's residence. Here you can enjoy delicious, local flavors prepared with fish, red deer, Vesterhavs cheese, which is stored at Bovbjerg and delicious home-baked cakes, which on Sundays form a very special Sunday cake table.

Thy Whisky
Destination Nordvestkysten

Thy Whisky

12 km southeast of Nr. Vorupør and closest neighbor to National Park Thy, you will find the organic farm Gyrup, which produces their own whiskey. Here you can join a tour of the farm including tastings of Thy Whisky, locally brewed beer, meat and Thybo Cheese.

Danish fish cakes and Thorupstrand

Experience the active coastal landing site in Thorupstrand with the well-known blue fish cutters and the award-winning fish cakes from Thorupstrand Fiskehus or buy the freshly caught fish to take home from the shop or the smokehouse.

Microdistillery and food from the wild

Guided foraging trip for wild herbs and mushrooms. Make campfire food together with the chef at Madsmedjen in Slettestrand. Also experience the micro-distillery Nordisk Brænderi, where the love of nature and adventure has created the exciting products. Here you can get a guided tour and, not least, get a taste of the adventure and history of handmade spirits distilled with wild herbs and berries from the Nordic nature

Keramikcafeen Møllehuset
Destination Nordvestkysten

The Ceramic Café Møllehuset and Vennebjerg Mill

Don't miss out on a visit to the cozy Keramikcafeen Møllehuset close to Lønstrup.
Beautiful home-baked cakes and fresh bread are offered here, served on platters and plates from Møllehuset's own pottery workshop. You can also enjoy an impressive brunch in the cozy setting, which also has Vennebjerg Mill in the backyard.

Nørre Vosborg

Restaurant in historic surroundings

The manor house Nr. Vosborg. Located 20 km west of Holstebro and close to Nissum Fjord, you can experience the historical surroundings and dine in the cozy restaurant. You can also drop by Nr. Vosborg's Specialty Shop and purchase local specialties to take home.



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