Thorsminde Fiskeauktion

Taste experiences out west

Out here in the west you feel how the salt of the North Sea makes the air and the life taste better. The life by the coast and the untamed nature get fantastic ideas to grow, so that they become amazing experiences in both events and food.

Due to living in the middle of the wild nature and the proximity to the sea, you have the opportunity to combine an exciting experience with an unique culinary experience.

If you love tasty local culinary experiences as well as getting to know the story behind the ingredients, you have come to the right place.


Dining experiences at the northwest coast

We divided the restaurants into categories and here you will find an overview of the many possibilities and their location. You can read more about each restaurant and furthermore get information like e.g. the menu.

Enjoy your meal!

Vacation for two
Parferie ved vestkysten
Active vacation out west
Surfer Nordvestkysten
Svinkløv Badehotel
Stand up paddling i Klitmøller