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Thyborøn is filled with exciting attractions - attractions you don't see often!
Visit Sneglehuset - a museum with thousands of snail shells and conch shells glued to the house - or hear the story about the worlds biggest sea war at the Sea War museum. There's something for everybody!

And as a little extra something:

This destination is open all year!

Plan your holiday in Thyborøn

In Thyborøn the powerful North sea meets the calm Limfjord. Come close to the destinations unpolished nature, and experience how fishing and the sea are the backbone of the city. Enjoy your holiday in Thyborøn - or the villages next to - and experience the best of what Western Jutland has to offer.

By bus or train to Thyborøn

Easy, fast and convenient! Hop on the bus or train to Thyborøn with Nordjyllands Trafikselskab. Sit back and use the greener travel time to plan your visit or just enjoy the ride. 

See the itinerary here.

More about Thyborøn

Dive deeper into the culture and history of Thyborøn, and see why this destination is one of our most popular holiday destinations on the Danish Northwest coast.

Thyborøn – an active fishing town with a proud history

Thyborøn is centrally located at the west coast - within the more than 500 kilometre coastline from Skagen in the north to Tøndermarsken in the south. By the fishing village with 2.000 inhabitants the powerful North Sea is meeting the calm Limfjord. From groyne 59 you get a view over the wild and rough waves of the North Sea. By turning around a bit you can see the Thyborøn channel, the entrance to the Limfjord, which crosses the entire Jutland, and the magnificent Thy National Park and Geopark West Jutland

In Thyborøn you can experience the rough nature up close, both the one over and under the water and museums communicate history. Here you can relax and go for a walk along the dunes on the white beach or sit down at the pier and observe the constant life at the harbour.

Fishing as a lifeline

Fishing has been the cities livelihood for hundreds of years and is still the lifeline of Thyborøn with one of the largest fishing harbours Denmark's, where fish for millions land every year. Plaices wear the royal crown here, even though amost all kinds of fish species get fished by the many vessels that are placed in Thyborøn. The harbour is the heart of the city and the many trading and processing companies make for lively activities, every day, all year round.

Arbejde med fisk
Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

Food in a nostalgic setting

In the old red houses by the habour there has been the city's fish auction for decades. In this nostalgic setting you can still buy fresh fish to take home or sit at the pier and enjoy the view over the harbour with a cold beer and a fish burger - or with a glass of white wine and a lemon sole with shrimps or other delicacies. A fishing playground and a lifeguard tower at the beach make this place a favourite destination for families with children. In the restaurants in Thyborøn the dishes are served with great pleasure and in an authentic environment. The quality is in the ingredients. And the guests are coming from far away to eat fish here, because the fish could not be any fresher and that is reflected in the taste. Together with the active business life you get close to the DNA of the North Sea, referring to food and cultural experiences.

Try a virtuel trip to Thyborøn

Thyborøn is a 'must experience' spot. So we sent a bunch of people on their Puch Maxis to the destination. In the video below you can see what they experienced.

Bare ude Vestpå - reklame side
Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

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