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Thorsminde Fiskehal

Holiday in Thorsminde

The sky, the ocean and open spaces

On the narrow land tongue at the lock between the North Sea and Nissum Fjord, the world passes by in time with car and bicycle caravans, that move up and down along the coast. Here, Thorsminde opens and closes to the fjord and the sea.
The area creates the perfect enviroment for a holiday with delicious food, lots of accommodations and fun activities on water and in nature. Here you are almost garanteed to have a great stay.

By bus to Thorsminde

Easy, fast and convenient! Hop on the bus to Thorsminde with Nordjyllands Trafikselskab. Sit back and use the greener travel time to plan your visit or just enjoy the ride. 

See the itinerary for Thorsminde here.

More about Thorsminde

Not entirely sure that Thorsminde is the right destination for you? Read more about what makes Thorsminde the popular holiday destination it is today.


Thorsminde - charm and lively activities

Fishing has deep roots in the city. There's no doubt that it's their main occupation. Ever since the canal lock was build, the sea and fishing has been the lifeline and now you can buy freshly caught fish from the Northern sea every day - catfish, salmon, lobster, prawns cod, crabs and whatever you desire and what the 12 fishermen in Thorsminde catches that day.

But the fishing town also offers several historical stories.

Because like to many other places along the West coast, the Western sea has influenced Thorminde - both good and bad. Stories of fate took its toll on the city and especially one story has left its mark.

Dødemandsbjergene, a burial ground, is located in the dunes, witnessed the fateful Christmas morning in 1811, where the full-rigged ships HMS St. George and HMS Defence sank to the bottom and nearly 1400 English sailors lost their lives. At the Strandingsmuseum St. George, exhibitions tell thoughtfully, vividly and with the help of salvaged artifacts - everything from silver coins to chandeliers - the story of the shipwreck and the many other vessels, that strandend in and around Thorsminde over time. The coast here was feared by sailors to be one of the most dangerous ones in the world.

Photo: FlyingOctober

Come close to Thorsminde

Going once, going twice, sold! In Thorsminde you can bid on the day's catch and experience the special atmosphere at a fish auction at the harbour every Saturday during the peak season. Here you can also grill and meet with locals, campers and holiday house guests for food and a cozy time every Thursday. The grill facilities can be used for free, you only need to bring charcoal and the food you want to grill. In June, a day with focus on fish takes place as well. It is the fried plaice and vividly music, that attracts people from near and far. In spring, there is a herring day, where the many fishers pay tribute to the silver-coloured fish and compete over who can catch the biggest one. Of course there is also a luxuriant herring table with schnapps.

A taste of Thorsminde

The history and atmosphere in Thorsminde is something you have to experience, so we sent a bunch of people to the destination and filmed their trip. In the video below you can see what they experienced.

Bare ude vestpå Thorminde
Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

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