Thy Whisky

Danish Single Malt whiskey on own local produce, grown organically in and around National Park Thy.

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Visit a Danish whisky distillery. Find opening hours, tours and tastings on Thy Whisky's website.

Thy Whisky is a family-owned organic whisky distillery located at Gyrup Organic Farm in Sønderhå, Thy.

The whisky is made from grains from the farm's own fields - which are malted, mashed and distilled on the farm and ripened in oak barrels at the farm's whisky storage, for at least 3 years.

Thy Whisky was founded in 2010 and is today among the largest Danish whisky distilleries.

Thy Whiskey has won several international awards and in 2019 was voted Europe's best single malt whisky in the world's largest whisky guide "Jim Murray's Whisky Bible".