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Saunahytten Blokhus

Saunahytten.dk is quality of life on 4 wheels, with lots of warm and cozy surroundings. The mobile sauna has a lounge, toilet, shower and most importantly; sauna with room for 15 people spiced with a large panoramic window from the sauna itself.

Sauna with a view

saunahytten.dk offers you something wonderful and crazy, i.e. a sauna on wheels - a mobile sauna with room for a little extra luxury for you, your friends, your family or your colleagues. Here you can let time stand still and enjoy life - just for a couple of hours.

The “Saunahytten” can be hired by everyone. Consult our website for booking, conditions and prices.

The “Saunahytten” is 16 m2 and 6 m long. It has a large panorama window, 15 seats on 3 benches, sauna with firewood and lava stones. The area around the sauna is boarded and includes a water vessel and spoon. You have a cosy lighting. In the front room, there is a small bar and a little place for changing and a toilet. Outside you will, of course, find a shower.

Short description
saunahytten.dk means quite simply quality of life on 4 wheels in a warm and cosy atmosphere. This is the short description of the “Saunahytten”, which is a mobile sauna with lounge, toilet, shower and most important with room for 15 persons and a large panorama window overlooking the sea. Actually, you may sit direct in the water’s edge and enjoy the fantastic view or the breath-taking sunset. You can sit in a warm and comfortable temperature and watch the marvels of nature. The “Saunahytten” can be placed whereever you want it, and can be enjoyed by just two persons, in connection with a family event, together with the boys, the lady friends , or it may be used for stag parties, staff events etc. The possibilities are many, and the pleasures are great.

“SaunaGus” with a view to the sea - spoil yourself in the front dunes. Spoil yourself and your sweetheart with “SaunaGus” in the front dunes.


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