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Lightfall in Fårup Sommerland

Experience Lysfald(Lightfall)–a magical journey in light and sound! In the autumn, you will beable to experience Lysfald at Fårup Sommerland.

During the day, we invite you to Denmark’s mostfun-filled Harvest Festival, and when the sun goes down, darkness falls to reveal Lysfald! You canexperience Harvest Festival and Lysfald during the weekend of 7th-9th October when we will stayopen right up until 21:30. In addition, we are opening several new eateries serving delicious food–so many of the park’s lovely guests can satisfy their hunger–enjoy yourselves!

... And, even though darkness is falling, everything will keep running, so there will be ampleopportunity to experience an adrenalin rush on our many attractions right up until the park closesat 21:30.It will be an authentic Fårup Sommerland atmosphere with games, fun for all, laughs, surprisesand magnificent experiences–just ina new light! We invite you to quench your curiosity in thelight and the change of the seasons.


Purchase a standard ticket and start the day off at the most fun-filled Harvest Festival featuringplenty of activities for the whole family. Then, you can experience how the park will betransformed at 18:30 when darkness falls and thousands of coloured lamps will be lit.

Harvest Festival at Fårup is totally unique. The forest is dressed up in warm autumn colours, andon all days you can experience an abundance of exciting activities. Take on the whole family in agame of turnip-rooted celery bowling, pumpkin Tic Tac Toe, or go exploring in the huge straw balelabyrinth.Bonfires will also be lit here and there throughout the park where you can just sit and keep warmor enjoy some popcorn.


Come and experience the fantastic new light show at the Orkansøen (Hurricane Lake), which startsevery 15 minutes after 18:30, the pumpkins jumping around onthe portal to the Den ForheksedeSkov (Enchanted Forest), get your picture lit up on our Instagram wall or just enjoy the big bonfirebeneath the glow of the light chains at Egern og Pindsvins Høstmarked (the Squirrel and theHedgehog’s Harvest Market).


... the light breaks through at Fårup–and we turn up the magic, the storytelling and the specialeffects. The forest, the attractions and Fårup will shine like you have never seen them before!

An autumn full of wonderful experiences in Fårup Sommerland! Come to the Harvest FestivalDenmark’s most fun-filled Harvest Festival and when the sun goes down, the light breaks throughto reveal Lysfald Fårup–a magical journey in light and sound!

Indulge yourself in the unique autumn atmosphere at Denmark’s most fun-filled Harvest Festivalat Fårup Sommerland!


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