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Art on the North West Coast

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Discover art and unleash your curiosity. On the Northwest Coast, you can explore the many exhibitions and fine collections found in the area's museums.

Discover amazing and creative art

The North West Coast is, for many, an undiscovered art mecca. There are fine collections - both mixed and single artists - that are well worth a visit.

Museum For Papirkunst, Blokhus

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Unique art experiences on the Northwest Coast

At Herregaarden Odden there is a unique collection by J.F. Willumsen, and the Danish expressionist Jens Søndergaard is represented by two museums - Jens Søndergaard's Museum at Bovbjerg and a major exhibition at Heltborg Museum / Sydthy Kunst- og Kulturcenter. Jens Søndergaard was particularly inspired by the dramatic landscape of the west coast.

Vendsyssel Art Museum in Hjørring houses modern Danish art with links to North Jutland by artists such as Svend Engelund, Johannes Hofmeister and Poul Anker Bech. Through their initiative 'In the trail of art', you can go on a self-guided experience with audio narratives around Vendsyssel. A large Svend Engelund collection can also be found in the Kunstbygningen in Vrå, where the annual Vrå exhibition is also a popular attraction. 

The historic Børglum Monastery shows changing artists throughout the year. At Børglum Monastery hangs a faithful copy of the unique 70-meter-long Bayeux Tapestry. The tapestry is embroidered with wool yarn and is called the world's longest cartoon. The tapestry shows William the Conqueror's victory over King Harald Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

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Kirsten Kjær's Museum in Thy houses a large collection of the renowned painter of the same name. Kirsten Kjær is particularly known for her many portraits in bright colors from her travels abroad. The museum also houses other female artists such as painter and sculptor Olivia Holm-Møller, whose works can also be seen at Holstebro Art Museum. 

Holstebro Art Museum also exhibits works by the popular Henry Heerup, Cobra artists Ejler Bille, Erik Thommesen and Sonja Ferlov Mancoba, experimental artist Albert Mertz and craftsmen such as Anna Thommesen and Gertrud Vasegaard, as well as a collection by artist Tal R. The museum's graphic collection includes works by Picasso, Giacometti, Matisse, Goya and Francis Bacon.

At SMK Thy at Doverodde Købmandsgård, work is underway to create a new branch of the National Gallery of Denmark, far away from the museum in Copenhagen, where works of art from SMK's large art collection can be displayed. The vision is for the works to be experienced in close interaction with the site's architecture, history and the surrounding landscape. A new permanent branch designed by Reiulf Ramstad Architects is being realized with the help of funding. It is expected to be completed in 2024.

The German artist Käte Lassen (1880-1956) lived in a small cottage in Stenbjerg, Thy, in the summer. In 'Käte Lassen's House' you can now see the story of the artists who stayed in Stenbjerg and found inspiration for their art in the people and nature - including Jens Søndergaard, Marie and P.S. Krøyer.

The Museum of Religious Art in Lemvig has as its special area religious art, where you can see the "Bodil Kaalund Collection", which includes 159 original Bible illustrations.


If you are looking for a different art experience, the Museum of Paper Art in Hune is worth a visit for its breathtaking paper art, where both the permanent exhibition by the artist Bit Vejle and the changing exhibitions with international artists are worth a visit. You can also be impressed by the ice sculptures at Iskunsten in Thyborøn or the beautiful sand sculptures in Skulpturparken in Blokhus. 

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