J. F. Willumsen Samling/Collection at Herregården Odden

Photo: Hirtshals Turistbureau/Feriehusudlejning
Go out and visit the old manor Odden and enjoy the special collection and exhibition of Willumsen's artworks. The collection contains sketches, paintings, etc.

Oddenvej 31

9800 Hjørring

The collection contains sketches, drawings, and paintings by the painter J. F. Willumsen.

Willumsen was a contemporary and friend of both Edvard Munch and Paul Gauguin. He also worked as a sculptor, ceramicist, graphic artist and architect. In 1892 he cofounded the Free Exhibition in Copenhagen and remained a lifelong member, but spent most of his life in France and Spain.
The collection at Odden consists of 1450 works, of which round 800 works are permanently exhibited. Odden is the northernmost manorhouse in Denmark.

Group visits and guided tours can be arranged upon request, also apart from normal hours.
Coffee, tea and fresh pastry is served in the old kitchen.
A guest apartment housing two persons can be booked for either two nights or one week.


Oddenvej 31

9800 Hjørring

Opening hours

01 Apr 20 / 18 Oct 20


10:00 - 17:00

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