The Sculpture Park in Blokhus

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Experience the most amazing and exquisite sculptures made of sand, wood, and iron every year when you take a trip to idyllic Blokhus.

Sand Sculptures in Blokhus

Let Kulturhuset Blokhus take you on an inspiring art journey - past Noah's Ark, impressive sand sculptures, and to a world of rich wildlife, impressive plants, and international art in the 20,000 m2 Sculpture Park in Blokhus. When you have finished your meal in the cozy Restaurant and Café, you will pass a world of play and an adventurous garden for all the senses. Before the journey ends, you enter an inspiring universe of art, ceramics, and uniqueness.

Blokhus Sand Sculpture Festival

For the ninth season in a row, the Blokhus sculpture park has allied itself with some of the world's best sand sculptors, who have designed 10 huge sand sculptures with the theme: "Noah's Ark" - where interpretations of the birds of the sky, the Ark, reptiles, the world's most endangered animals and jungle animals are displayed in the sand. The sand sculptures can be seen all year round until the 30th of December.

Every year, guests are invited inside to experience the talented and international sand sculptors in their work process of designing the sculptures. Blokhus Sand Sculpture Festival is inaugurated afterward - The date may vary from year to year.


Photo:Skulpturparken Blokhus

Kulturhuset's café

The Danish and the international style mix in the decor and food in Kulturhuset (House of Culture). With a good view of the Sculpture Park, food is served from pure ingredients and from pure enthusiasm; Among other things, the house's café classics: "Luxury Seafood" and "The Blokhus Tarteletten", but also juicy burgers, salads, and pasta, etc. It also offers fine wines, freshly roasted coffee, and delicious drinks.

Kulturhuset's art shop

Guests are greeted by an inspiring art shop, as the first thing when they enter the Kulturhus. In the Art Shop, you will always find a large, varied, and inspiring selection of new and classic items within art, handcrafted items, and unique gift items, with a special focus on quality and design.

Child-friendly Experiences 

The sculpture park has a wonderful playground, a knight's castle, a giant chess game, a bowling game, and a huge sandbox where you can build impressive sand sculptures yourself.

Magical Christmas in Skulturparken Blokhus

Look forward to another adventurous and magical Christmas with a Christmas light and sound show in the Sculpture Park from 6 November 2021. The park is decorated according to all the Christmas rules with impressive decorations. The entire park is lit by more than 1.5 million Christmas lights in fantastic colors and designs - including a 46 meter long light and sound tunnel, a luminous kissing pergola, a giant Christmas tree of 17.5 meters, Christmas canes and reindeer, beautiful gold carriages, illuminated snowmen, and Santas, flashing poinsettias, love tree with beautiful red Christmas hearts, Disney Christmas figures, harp-playing angels and much more. This year's large and beautiful sand sculptures, shaped after Noah's Ark, are also lit up with colored Christmas lights, which change color, and the park's other unique works of art and sculptures are beautifully combined with the unique Christmas decorations. The sculpture park, which is more than 20,000 m2 in size, simply exudes genuine Christmas 'hygge' in an absolutely special class.

New sculpture themes every year

2021: Noah's Ark

2020: Adventurous Movie Characters

2019: Vilde Vikinger

2018: Heroes of All Time

2017: Magical Fairytales

2016: The World's Wildest Animals

2015: H.C. Andersens Fairytales

2014: Historic Kings, Emperors, and Rulers

2013: Norse Mythology


Tag bussen til Skulpturparken med NT

Nemt, hurtigt og bekvemt! Hop på bussen til Skulpturparken i Blokhus med Nordjyllands Trafikselskab og bliv kørt lige til døren. Mens du rejser grønnere kan du læne dig tilbage, nyde turen og lade batterierne op til en skøn dag i Skulpturparken! 

Se rejseplanen til Blokhus Skulpturpark her.


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