Art museum in Vrå - Engelund's collection

Photo: Løkken Turistbureau
Art Museum in Vrå - Engelundssamlingen

Højskolevej 3a

9760 Vrå

The art centre in Vrå houses a great collection of paintings by Svend Engelund and puts on 4-6 exhibitions a year featuring modern art & the latest contemporary art, as well as the Vrå exhibition with works of acclaimed Danish artists & architects every August. Every second year the art centre in Vrå represents Denmark at JCE Biennalen, an international touring biennial for young contemporary art.


Højskolevej 3a

9760 Vrå


Entrance fee adults

50 DKK

Entrance fee pr. person (Groups more than 10 per.)

35 DKK

Student with student card

30 DKK

Teenagers and children u. 18 years old


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