Rubjerg Knude

Nature at the Northwest coast

Experience the authentic and sometimes rough nature at the northwest coast. Here you will find some of the most magnificent nature areals in Denmark.

When saying Northwestern Jutland, you automatically think of magnificent nature which most people fall in love with right away.

Out in the west you meet the infinity of Denmark. Enjoy the endlessness of the sky and the sea while you go on an adventure in the nature.

The wide and white sandy beaches with the high dunes near Blokhus, Løkken and Nørlev where the light, the wide sky and fantastic views impress as well as the rough westwind and the beautiful dune landscapes, which represent a huge part of the national park Thy.

Nationalpark Thy

The best nature experiences

The northwest coast of Jutland is ideal for you if you want to escape the stressful everyday life and enjoy the unique nature. Here you can find space for quietness and immersion as well as active challenges in the varying terrain.

In the northern part of the region, do not deceive yourself for a visit at Rubjerg Knude. The lighthouse, placed at the edge on top of the dune, got well known after moving it more into the country, which prevented it from falling into the sea. Now the lighthouse is placed safe again and visitors can go into the lighthouse, take the stairs up and enjoy the absolutely magnificent view from the top.

Rubjerg Knude

To the southwest, right before Jammerbugten merges into Thy, you can visit northern Europe's largest active coastal landing site in Thorupstrand.

The blue cutters have been practicing deep sea fishing according to the old fishing methods for decades and the boats are still been pulled up on the beach today, so that you can have a close look at the sustainable coastal fishing when they arrive and prepare the catch for selling-on.

Bulbjerg Thy

You should also visit the country's only bird cliff: Bulbjerg.

Bulbjerg is a 47 meter high limestone knot and in the sea in front of Bulbjerg you can glimpse the remains of Skarreklit at low tide - a 16 meter high limestone cliff, which stood as a huge "fang" in the sea in front of Bulbjerg until 1978.

Visit the bunkers at this place and enjoy the amazing view from the top. You can also take the stairs down and experience the nature and the beach below the bird cliff.

An unique nature and bird life can be found as well in the bird sanctuary Vejlerne. Vejlerne is the largest bird sanctuary in northern Europe and contains the largest population of breeding birds. Vejlerne is an unique and varying nature surrounding of approximately 6000 hectare where you can visit bird towers and view the exceptional nature.

Close to Vejlerne you can also find Svinklovene and Fosdalen. These two natural sites received a national quality stamp in 2018 and are therefore elected to be amongst the 15 most beautiful natural sites in Denmark. Both sites are furthermore a part of Denmark's largest inland dune Lien.

Svinklovene - Svinkløv

Svinklovene is part of the dramatic landscape of Svinkløv dune plantation, a 700 hectare state-owned territory, where you will have a fantastic view of the entire coastline. Let your gaze wander along the coast - from Rubjerg Knude up in the northeast to the bird cliff Bulbjerg in the southwest. The surroundings are also well attended due to the acknowledged Svinkløv Badehotel and not far from there you can hike up the hills in Fosdalen.


Fosdalen is a protected rainwater gorge that rises 60 meter above the sea level and intersects Lien. At the plateau near Lerup church is the source of the Vor Frue spring. A small stream which has been seeked out from people since the early Middle Ages due to its curative water.

Bøgsted Rende

A vacation along the northwest coast includes also a trip to the national park Thy - Denmarks largest wilderness. A large unspoiled nature area of 244 km² along the west side of Jutland. The national park includes several sights which you should not miss.

Both Klitmøller as well as Stenbjerg Landing Site are part of a nature area in which nowadays a surfing atmosphere can be experienced together with a historical touch. Small picturesque fishing houses from the 20th century adorn Stenbjerg which are, together with the fishing boats on the beach, definitely worth a visit. Drive past Bøgsted Rende and the protected Lodbjerg lighthouse where you can experience a completely magnificent view of the southern area of the national park Thy from the top of the lighthouse. In the lighthouse keeper's residence there is furthermore a small cafe named Kaffestuen arranged where you can enjoy the atmosphere together with a refreshment and in the other hall you can find an exhibition about the history of the lighthouse.


Lodbjerg Fyr

Another place worth a visit at the northwest coast, where you can also experience an absolutely unique nature and a beautiful lighthouse, is close to Bovbjerg cliff.

The sea has previously made major incursions into the country, but a comprehensive groyne construction from 1875-1933 accomplished an - almost - entire coastal protection. From the top of the cliff you have an amazing view over the groynes and the water.

TIP! If you want to try the local taste of Bovbjerg, you must taste the well known cheese Vesterhavsost. It has an extremely delicate consistency and contains salt crystals that create a tasteful experience.

Nearby the lighthouse at Gammel Damsgård the cheese from Thise dairy, which is produced from milk delivered by the farmer close to Bovbjerg, is stored.




Here at the northwest coast, the salt of the North sea makes the air and the life taste better.

Make your way also past the nature park Nissum Fjord - a beautiful nature area and an interesting bird sanctuary close to Thorsminde, which encloses the fjord and the surrounding natural- and cultural landscape. Visit the bird tower or walk along the fjord route that leads you around Nissum Fjord. The route is a 70 km long, and highlighted in red, route passing all the little fjord harbors.

Husby klitplantage

Another fascinating area at the northwest coast is Husby dune plantation south of Thorsminde.

Husby dune plantation includes, as well as Fosdalen, certified Premium Routes. On the 15 km long route in the Husby dune plantation you can enjoy the view of the wide North Sea, parabolic dunes, forest and a small and cozy fjord harbor.

Both Husby dune plantation, Bovbjerg cliff and nature park Nissum Fjord are a part of Geopark Westjutland. The Geopark contains some of the places that tell the best story about the formation and transformation of the landscapes over millions of years. At the same time, the Geopark is narrating how the nature and the humans adapted to the conditions after the last glacial period.

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