Rubjerg Knude

Northwestern Jutland's beautiful nature areas

Discover the rushing North Sea and experience, amongst others, dense forests, open landscapes, fjord and hilly terrain when moving around in the nature of Northwestern Jutland.

Discover the nature at the Northwest Coast

The nature areas in Northwestern Jutland consist of an amazing variation of forests, hills, heather- and dune landscapes and not least the wide, white beaches along the coastline of Northwestern Jutland. Explore the nature and experience amongst others viewpoints that offer unique views, nature areas with an abundant wildlife or let the nature be the framework for fun and challenging active experiences.

The Northwest Coast includes moreover Nationalpark Thy, Denmark's first national park, which is also called Denmark's largest wilderness. The 244 km² nature area extends itself as an up to 12 km wide belt along the westcoast Jutland's from Hanstholm to Agger Tange.

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