Sæl i Thybøron

Wildlife in Northwestern Jutland

The Northwest Coast has an abundant wildlife which is almost impossible not to be fascinated by. On this page we collected several places where you can experience the wildlife on your own or with a guide.

Experience the wildlife up close

Northwestern Jutland's nature is home for a diversity of animals that enjoy the dense forests, the sea, the fjord and the open landscapes. Along the Northwest Coast you find, amongst others, areas where resting and breeding birds live for a period, inlcuding Bulbjerg, which is Denmark's only bird mountain outside of Bornholm.

If you are moving around in nature in Northwestern Jutland, you can, amongst others, see marks of red deer and beaver. Maybe you are lucky and spot a beaver, but there is only a slight chance, as they are shy and nocturnal animals. On the water you find several spots where you can experience cute seals, that inhabit both the sea and the Limfjord.


More wildlife experiences at the Northwest Coast