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Beaches at the Northwest Coast

Whether you want to enjoy the sun on a warm summer day or stroll along the rushing North Sea, the beaches at the Northwest Coast are worth a visit.

Along Northwestern Jutland's 250 km coastline, which extends from Tversted in the north to Thorsminde in the south, you find some of Denmark's best beaches. There is sand and water as far as the eye can see and space for both playing and relaxation.

The beaches are most popular during the summer, where Danes as well as tourists enjoy a trip to the North Sea and jump into the blue waves. The official bathing season at the Danish beaches is from the 1st of June to the 1st of September, with a possible extension to the 15th of September. If you have small children, you can visit one of the many children-friendly beaches.

Surfer Nordvestkysten
Surf i Løkken
Norths Shore Surf

Surfing at the North Sea

The westwind and the harsh waves of the North Sea offer perfect conditions for surfing and other forms of watersport. Especially the coastline in Thy, which is also known as the surfing paradise Cold Hawaii, is a popular place to go for both professionals and beginners. If you go a bit further north, you find just as fantastic possibilities for surfing in Løkken.

Here you can find surfspots at the Northwest Coast


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