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Thorsminde Beach

On Thorsminde beach, there will be fly-lines in the North Sea during the summer. They form a giant 'swimming pool', which gives you greater peace of mind than other beaches along the West Coast.

The flying pine between the piers in the North Sea enhances bathing safety.

Thorsminde beach is a sandy beach with dunes. The beach has a handicap path where pedestrians and wheelchair users can get closer to the water.

Right next to the beach there are parking spaces, restrooms, restaurant, kiosk and barbecue. Within a few minutes there are also ports, cottages and a camp site, and Strandingsmuseum St. George, which tells the dramatic story of the biggest beaching disaster ever where 1300 sailors lost their lives on Christmas Eve 1811.

Thorsminde beach - and the beaches Bjerghuse and Spidsbjerg a little south of Thorsminde - have Blue Flag as the visible proof that the beach and water environment is good and clean.

Sights from Thorsminde.