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Spend a night in nature

Spending a night outside is an amazing nature experience for everyone who loves and appreciates nature. Here you can read more about where you can get inspiration for your next overnight stay within Northwestern Jutland's nature.

Sleep side by side with nature

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor place to stay overnight, you will certainly find some fantastic spots at the Northwest Coast. Here you will find many shelters and nature camps within the beautiful nature. You can be sure to get a special overnight experience where you are sleeping side by side with the nature and have the opportunity to feel the peace, that cannot be found at any other place.

Typically you will find facilities such as a campfire site and a toilet at each place. Most of the places are free to use, but some require a little fee for staying overnight. Moreover, it is important to check if you have to book your overnight stay beforehand, even if the place is for free. You can find information about this and much more here.


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