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Familieferie Nordvestkysten

Family vacation at the Northwest coast

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Take a wonderful vacation at the northwest coast together with your whole family. Go to the beach and dip your feet in the North Sea, play in the dunes and end the day with a tasty ice cream - here you will find a perfect holiday paradise.

Surf i Løkken

Photo:Niclas Jessen

Just a children's holiday out in the west

Out in the west. Far away from everything. You are getting closer to what means most. Here you will find the time and a sea of possibilities for activities during your holiday. The nature at the northwest coast offers a lot of outdoor activities for everyone. Take the young ones to "summer school" where they can learn how to surf on a wave or try a more simple type of vacation with overnight stays in a shelter and your bicycle as means of transport around the countryside. The holiday resorts along the northwest coast offer you furthermore many facilities, such as a water park, a play area and sport facilities, while at the same time giving you the possibility of enjoying the North Sea right on your doorstep.

Fårup Sommerland

The main attractions for children

Photo: Fårup Sommerland

The main attractions for children

A day in Fårup Sommerland is a priority on the wish list of most children. It is like walking around in a family-oasis with one fun ride after another. In this year you can try the completely new ride SAVEN, and the park is moreover, with its cozy forest atmosphere and the biggest water park in Denmark, one of the most visited amusement parks.

Children and animals are always a good mixture and in the North Sea Oceanarium, in the Jutland Aquarium as well as in the North Sea Aquarium the whole family can experience a world of colorful fish species and other animals living in the sea while being on an underwater adventure.

At the Eagle World in Tversted you can get really close to the kings of the air when the majestic eagles open their wings right above you during fantastic shows. A special experience is waiting for you and you get to meet skilled falconer who have great experience and knowledge of these birds.

In Skulpturparken Blokhus an adventurous journey within a 20.000 m² park with sculptures made off sand is waiting for you as well as a rich floral and animal life.

If the children feel like some historical learning, the bunker museum Hanstholm is offering an interesting experience for older children. Here you can take a tour around the historic environment with the ammunition train and see the many bunkers from Second World War.

In Thyborøn you can visit the Coastal Centre where the children are taken on a journey with many stories around the North Sea and the coast.

More fun experiences for children

Krabbefangst Thorup Strand

Photo:Niclas Jessen

Just a beach vacation out in the west

A vacation at the northwest coast is amazing. Here you experience the many "faces" of the North Sea, where one day the sun is setting in the most beautiful colors at the horizon of the quiet sea and the other day you feel the power of the wind and the waves when they hit the beach. The North Sea is marvelous all year round, but the typical beach vacation during the summer where the family is spending the whole day at the beach, sun-bathing, taking one or more dips in the sea, having a picnic with an ice-cream for dessert - that is a REAL summer vacation for most people. Here the possibilities are many, and along the entire northwest coast you are encountering wide white beaches.

Catch crabs at the piers, go on an amber safari in Thyborøn and learn how to find amber at the beach. Or meet the seals in their natural environment on a fantastic seal safari, there are many opportunities to spend one's time during a beach vacation at the North Sea.

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Photo:Destination Nordvestkysten

Active vacation for children

If you are on vacation with children, there is time for the activities that you would never make otherwise. Most of the time you collect wonderful memories while you e.g. go for a ride on a horse or take a canoe trip through the landscape. Many camping sites offer minigolf where you can spend some hours with an entertaining family contest. Children will also love to take a tour in the forest, maybe even collecting berries and herbs, or simply enjoying the view of the sea and the tremendous sand dunes from the lighthouse Rubjerg Knude. Moreover, you will find breathtaking views at Svinklovene and during a walk through the 100 year old dune plantation you have good opportunities of encountering both red deer and fallow deer. Not far away there is Gateway Blokhus where you find a huge nature playground, a great campfire site and shelters if you are brave enough to spend the night in nature. Another amusing and different way of spending the night in nature with children can be found at Borbjerg Mølle inn. Here you can rent safari tents and stay the night near a lake and furthermore visit the local animals.


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