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What to experience

Do you love the sea and nature? Then this is the right destination for you!
Here you're gonna be in some of the most beautiful nature on the Danish Northwest coast. Here you can visit places like Svinklovene with its wavy landscape or the gorgeous plantations in Fosdal and Langdal.

Explore Northern Europes biggest coastal landing field:

Where you can experience and engage in the exciting environment in Thorupstrand, and even enjoy the delicious, and local, products that comes from the sea every dag!

Plan your vacation

The stretch between Slettestrand and Thorupstrand has impressive nature, that has the perfect setting for people, who wants to have a more active holiday.

But that's not all:

Because here you can also meet great beaches, idyllic beach hotels, local food and so much more.
So get on you mountainbike and challenge yourself on the bumpy terrain eller try horseback riding - or whatever you'd like to do on your holiday. These destinations has a lot to offer, and definitely something for you too!

By bus to Slettestrand & Thorupstrand

Easy, fast and convenient! Hop on the bus to Slettestrand & Thorupstrad with Nordjyllands Trafikselskab. Sit back and use the greener travel time to plan your visit or just enjoy the ride. 

See the itinerary for Slettestrand & Thorupstrand here.

Experiences in the area

Are you heading to Slettestrand or Thorupstrand - or just somewhere near - and need some tips for some holiday experiences? Check out our recommendations for our top rated experiences below!

More about Slettestrand & Thorupstrand

Vacations in Slettestrand and thorupstrand are something quite special for those who wants to either have a relaxing holiday or an active one. Either way it's a place where you can enjoy the beautiful nature and delicious temptations. Read more about it below.

Surrounded by beautiful nature

The surroundings in the destinations er perfect for some self indulgence with its beautiful and calm areas.
At the top of Denmark's longest coastal cliff Lien you can find some fantastic viewpoints over the Western sea - far away from all the noise in the city.

At Svinklovene, the high, green slopes stretch all the way out over the sea with a wide view over the endless sea surface of Jammerbugten. Svinkløv Klitplantage offers lush, dense forest areas, ripply springs and open glades. The entire area has many hiking and cycling routes as well as riding paths. Furthermore, you will find one of the best mountainbike routes of Denmark with challenges for both beginners and advanced learner.

udsigt oppefra

Photo:Destination Nordvestkysten

Nature gastronomy in Slettestrand

According to a law Jutland's from 1241 you are allowed to collect everything that fits in your basket. And there is a lot to collect in Jammerbugten, where more than 370 etable plants are growing wild. Once, the wild plants were a natural ingredient in everyone's kitchen. Nowadays we forgot how to use them, but it is possible to learn it at Madsmedjen in Slettestrand.
Here you can, amongst others, learn about the nature's pantry in a cozy environment with a beam ceiling, lambskin, rustic wooden table and a smoky smell from the wooden stoves, that are used for roasting and smoking everything from mackerel and deer to herbs such as yarrow and sweet gale. They are calling it nature gastronomy, a special food experience, where the participants collect wild ingredients in nature themselves and help in the kitchen. It is all about closeness to nature and a great dish.

Not entirely convinced?

We sent a bunch of people on a trip on their Puch Maxis to Slettestrand and Thorupstrand. In the video below you can see what they experienced.

Bare ude vestpå - Thorupstrand
Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

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