Kystsporet is a marked cycling- and hiking route, which extends over 157 km and through magnificent coastal nature from Nørre Vorupør to Blokhus. The route leads you through charming coastal towns, beautiful dunes, lush meadows and dune plantations, that minimise sand drift.

The coastal landscape is fascinating and presents big contrasts. Untamable as the roaring wildness of the North Sea and West winds. Alluring as the West Coast's endless sandy beaches and West Jutland's unassainable serenity. Appreciated all year round by humans, animals and plants.

Experience Kystsporet in its' entire distance or just a stretch either on a bicycle or on foot. We are sure that you will enjoy the tour and the suggestions we provide - see more below.

Feriesteder - Blokhus

The cities along Kystsporet

Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

Experiences for everyone

Find inspiration for your next cycling- or hiking tour in Kystsporet's video. It shows some of the experiences, that can be found along the route. We work together in the area and develop constantly new experiences, so keep an eye on this page and stay up to date.

fårup sommerland
Photo: Fårup Sommerland

Kystsporet is officially open from Eastern and until the autumn holidays. If you hike or cycle along the route outside of this time period, you need to expect limitations regarding the route's surface.


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