On tour along Kystsporet

Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

A cycling - or hiking tour along Kystsporet is much more than just that. Be adventurous and take a detour off the trail. Both cultural, historical and culinary experiences await you here, not to mention the many impressive nature experiences.

Fasten your bicycle helmet or tie your hiking boots and go on tour on or near the route Kystsporet. You can amongst others cycle in the tracks of the occupying forces in and around Hanstholm, join a wilderness tour in the area at Slettestrand and Svinkløv or go on a guided sea trip in Thorup Strand. You can also experience Kystsporet on a guided hiking tour with Oh So Quiet, where everything practical is done for you, so you only need to focus on enjoing the nature, that you are surrounded by.


Tour suggestions along Kystsporet

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