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Lunch in the wilderness with Mød Naturen

Photo: Mød Naturen

Join the local guides from "Mød Naturen" on the tour 'Lunch in the wilderness' in the wild and authentic coastal landscape around Thorupstrand and Bulbjerg.

After collecting, a tasty lunch, based on local vegetables and grilled fish from the local area, will get prepared over the bonfire and enjoyed at the most beautiful spot in the middle of the nature.

Together with Mød Naturen you will get nature experiences in the most magical corners of Han Herreds magnificant landscape, where you, amongst others, can enjoy a tasty bonfire meal, the silence by the roaring sea and get to see some of the best places that only locals know about.

Mød Naturen arranges tours all year round, where you can increase your knowledge of, amongst others, biodiversity and how to light a bonfire.

Mad over bål
Mennesker går i naturen

Can you eat that?

During the tour 'Lunch in the wilderness' you get tips how to start finding eatable plants in the nature. With skilled advice the eatable findings of the day get prepared over the bonfire. The tour is offered, like all the other events from Mød Naturen, to all target groups from children to pensioner. Remember to look out for new tours in the course of the year.

Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

Behind Mød Naturen you find Sofie Graarup, Anni Pedersen and Matilde Lykke. We all have a background as high school teachers at Vester Thorup Højskole - here we found both one another and our shared passion for creating nature experiences. - All three of us love to communicate nature-related topics but based on each of our expertise and interests.

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