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Thorupstrand fiskerbåde

Take a guided sea tour in Thorup Strand with Mød Naturen

Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

As the last coastal town in Jammerbugt, before you are in Thy, you will encounter Thorupstrand. Thorupstrand is amongst others known from the popular Danish TV series "Gutterne fra Kutterne" (The boys on the cutters") and here tourism and fishing go hand in hand.

On the beach you find the characteristic blue fishing boats together with a winch and a bulldozer, that gets the boats in and out of the water.

Join local guides from "Mød naturen" on an one hour guided tour in Thorupstrand, where they, amongst others, will deliver insight into the history of the area as well as the life under the sea surface. Moreover, you will learn something about the ecosystem in Jammerbugten and how it colludes with the nature-friendly fishing, which the local fishermen in Thorupstrand swear by.

Kuttere ved thorupstrand
Bulldozer trækker fiskekutter i land

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