Ferie i Thy

Photo:Mette Johnsen&Destination Nordvestkysten

What you can experience in Thy

The pristine nature of Thy makes it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, who can explore the many hiking and cycling routes in the area. Thy National Park is a particularly popular area where you can experience rich wildlife and unique flora. Klitmøller is known for its challenging waves and surfers from all over the world come to Thy to test their skills in "Cold Hawaii".

The west coast of Thy

Denmark's west coast, the North Sea, has always had adventure and grandeur about it, and the same applies to Thy. West of us we have the whole world, east of us the whole heart.

The Limfjord at Thy

On our eastern side of Thy, we have the Limfjord, which meanders and helps to create a completely different atmosphere than the North Sea offers.

Thy kort

Map of Thy

Photo: Thy Turistkontor


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