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Cold Hawaii

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The area and coastline between Agger and Hanstholm in Thy in North Jutland has been named Cold Hawaii. Cold Hawaii achieved its name due to the wind conditions in the area are much like the one you will find in Hawaii. You will find no less than 31 amazing surf spots.

Europes surf paradise Cold Hawaii

Today, the area has practically developed into a small surfers’ colony, and the surfers now living in Klitmøller have succeeded in creating an exciting environment that adds new life to the town and area. Every year, Klitmøller sees a number of surf competitions. Since 2010, the village has hosted the international surfing championship Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup with 32 of the best surfers in the world competing for the cup. During the years, the interest in this competition has increased in Denmark and abroad. Since 2013, HRH Crown Prince Frederik has been the patron of the PWA World Cup in Cold Hawaii.

The two reefs outside the coast to the south of the point of Ørhage contribute to making Klitmøller particularly well-suited for different disciplines within the sport of surfing. The formation of huge waves facilitates wave-, wind-, kite- and stand up paddle surfing. This is not solely for professionals, as a matter of fact, you can learn the noble art of surfing if you visit the Cold Hawaii Surf Camp or WestWind Surf Shop Klitmøller

Surfere på vej i vandet

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The Cold Hawaii surfers are not solely focused on Klitmøller itself; for also Agger Tange to the south as well as Vorupør and Hanstholm in North Thy provide lots of opportunities. This crowding of surfing locations makes the area unique; for, regardless of wind conditions, there will always be one optimal location – always providing, of course, that there is wind. 

Besides Cold Hawaii, the Northwest coast also generally offers excellent surfing opportunities in the Løkken area, in Hirtshals and various surfing activities in the Limfjord area.

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Hele året rundt er der gode bølger ved Cold Hawaii. I både sommer og vintermåneder, kan man surfe hvis man har det rette udstyr, som kan lejes i området.

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