Vandring i Nationalpark Thy

Hiking on the Northwest coast

Find inspiration for your hiking trip in Northwest Jutland. The area contains the rough North Sea and the milder fjord landscape. Here you will find open heathlands and deep forest areas.

You only need a pair of robust shoes and clothes that match the wind and weather - then you are ready for a hiking tour. Below you can read about the many interesting hiking routes where you can experience the nature up close and with viewpoints to enjoy the look over the North Sea.

Find your hiking boots and go for a walk

On a hike you can slow down everyday life and get close to nature. In Denmark's largest wilderness national park Thy you can go on a hike in the large unspoiled nature area of a total of 244 km². The national park extends along the west coast from Agger Tange to Hanstholm and you can hike through the vast wilderness and aromatic pine trees and if you need to cool off, the North Sea attracts with its beautiful and fresh water.

vandring Nationalpark Thy
Vandring på Kystsporet

Explore some of the major national routes like Vestkystruten and Nordsøstien or follow Hærvejen which is a recreational route for you if you want to hike in historical tracks and at the same time experience some of the best of Jutland's nature. The route has a total of 500 km, starts in Padborg in Southern Jutland and ends in Hirtshals.

At Svinklovene and Fosdalen you can experience magnificent nature as they are both designated as one of the 15 most beautiful nature places in Denmark. Unique views and large dune landscapes impress from the top of Denmark's longest  inland slope Lien which runs through the area. The hiking route of 11 km in Fosdalen is furthermore classified as a Premium Route at the German Hiking Institution. The same applies to the 15 km hiking route in Husby dune plantation which is a part of Geopark West Jutland. Here you have great possibilities to experience amazing nature and feel small in the unique and wide landscape. Enjoy the great North Sea, parabolic dunes and forest. Feel the wind in your hair and get red cheeks. The nature park Nissum Fjord close to Thorsminde offers excellent route possibilities as well. Experience the 70 km long fjord route - Around Nissum Fjord - where you come along all of the small fjord harbors.

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Dreng i shelter
Nationalpark Thy

If you need accommodation on your way, you can use one of the many near by shelters.

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