Mountainbike Slettestrand

On a mountainbike at the Northwest Coast

At the Northwest coast you will find plenty of possibilities for you who want to be challenged on a mountainbike and feel the adrenaline rushing in your body when biking through the rough terrain. There are also routes for beginners.

sti 100 Blokhus Løkken

Trail 100 between Blokhus and Løkken

Mile-long possibilities with the mountain bike

If you want to explore the environment with your mountain bike, you will find some of Denmark's best tracks at the Northwest coast. Here you can enjoy your vacation on two wheels while exploring many different tracks in beautiful nature.

Denmark's best marked mountain bike distance of 21 km begins at Slettestrand. Nearby, Kollerup plantation is located where you can find another 7 km long marked route. Slettestrand offers ideal conditions for a weekend or a vacation in the spirit of mountain biking with technique courses, guided tours and Aftertrail. There are also tours especially for children. You can also challenge yourself with a 10 km route at Gateway Blokhus close to Blokhus. The track is made of organic material and rotates between topsoil, beach sand, fill sand and roots.

At Tornby dune plantation you find a route which is even challenging for the most experienced mountain bikers. The track is singletrack and a fun route with small turns and a view to the Skagerak. There are only few altitude meters but the route is constantly going up and down and several places on the track are driven in sand. If you want to try a route with a lot of challenges with drops, sand pits, rapid climbs and stairs, then Tornby dune plantation is worth a visit. Not far away is Bagterp dune plantation on the outskirts of Hjørring where the mountain bike track has many turns and when speeding up, it will be a challenge for everyone.

The longest mountain bike track in Denmark is located in Klosterheden and here you have great possibilities for speed. The route consists of winding stretches between trees, off-road biking on hilly ground and biking on gravel roads.

If you didn't take your bicycle with you on vacation, you can borrow one at bike rentals.