Hotel Thinggaard

Hotels at the Northwest coast

Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

The Northwest coast offers a selection of wonderful hotels which all have the aim to create the best setting for you and your loved ones during your vacation.

In Northwestern Jutland, you can create unique holiday memories away from familiar surroundings. The area offers amazing nature, historical sights and many possibilities for activities, which are worth experiencing during your vacation. Besides, you can stay in one or more of the hotels at the Northwest coast which means that you do not have to think about making dinner or cleaning for once. Here you can enjoy the time with each other, relax and take a break.

Hotel Nørre Vosborg

Hotel stay at the Northwest coast

Photo: Holstebro Turistbureau

Hotel stay for a couple

Staying in a hotel as a couple is a great option to leave everyday stress behind and to focus instead on creating memorable experiences together. You can get some distance from family and work for a while and simply enjoy the time together. If you prefer to stay close to the North Sea you can, for instance, stay at the Hotel Løkken Strand. Whereas, if you like a historical atmosphere and unique gastronomic experiences, Nørre Vosborg near Vemb is a great choice.


Hotel stay for the entire family

But also for families with children it is an option to stay at a hotel. Give the children an experience beyond the usual and visit Hotel Fårup, which is located right within Fårup Sommerland with a view of the forest, the lake and the roller coaster. The atmosphere and the forest theme from the park is carried on to the hotel, which will leave you astonished when going home again.


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