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Cold Hawaii Mountainbikes

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At Cold Hawaii Mountainbikes in Kiltmøller you can rent both mountainbikes and citybikes for day trips or several-day trips.

The staff at Cold Hawaii Mountainbikes are happy to provide you with inspiration of the best cycling tours in the area.

The bicycle rental is located together with Le Garage, where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee, drink a Cold Hawaii beer or order dinner so that it is ready when you come back from the daily cycling tour.

Mountainbike i skoven
tre ryttere på mountainbike

Day trips on Mountainbikes with instructor

Le Garage and Cold Hawaii Mountainbikes also offer good qualitative bicycles and arrange day trips with a trained instructor for groups that are interested in Mountainbike and athletic challenges. On these trips the day ends naturally at Le Garage for an after-bike-get-together with associated dinner. If you want to know more about the trips, you can contact them with the contact information below.

Photo: Cold Hawaii Mountainbikes

Contact information

Cold Hawaii Mountainbikes
Ørhagevej 146, Klitmøller, 
7700 Thisted

tel.: 5360 9970

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