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Le Garage - Bar and Grill

Unique restaurant and bar in Klitmøller - Cold Hawaii in Thy.

The idea for Le Garage came after a few years in France, where we lived and drove around a lot between ski resorts. Often, dinner was a flame-grilled chicken from the supermarket ingested standing under the bib before we were to move on.

Our goal is to create a cozy place where you just pop in for a coffee or beer. The "engine" behind it all are 2 large French rotisserie ovens, where no later than kl. 16 orders his chicken for collection between kl. 17.30-18.30.

So a kind of aftersurf atmosphere.

The menu is simple

In the evening a flame-grilled chicken, either free-range conventional or organic. In addition, it is possible to supplement with potatoes and salads. Coleslaw or broccoli law. Sometimes different.

In high season we also serve a pork roast sandwich, where the meat is cooked in the rotisserie oven.

For vegetarians, we serve a delicious hummus salad.

Note that chicken is an evening dish, and only as take-away.

In addition, we offer a delicious soft ice cream from Ryå Dairy, Lavazza coffee, French and Chilean wines, red, white and rosé, draft beer and Cold Hawaii beer from Thisted Brewery and Tanqueray gin.


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