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Løkken badehuse solnedgang vestkysten


Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

Every year from May to October there are 485 small, white-painted beach huts placed on the wide sandy beach in Løkken and look out over the North Sea. They have stood there since 1895 as witnesses of past beach vacations.

Photo:Destination Nordvestkysten

The wide, white sandy beach is a great playground for children of all ages and the characteristic white beach huts are the unmistakable landmarks of the city. The charming coastal town, which is hiding behind a lyme grass dune, is continuosly a favorite holiday and excursion place for many people. Løkken is old and young at the same time and a host for surfer, families with children and retired persons.

Top 10 experiences in Løkken

Molefestivale Løkken

Photo:Destination Nordvestkysten

The taste of Løkken

In Løkken, many restaurants are supporting the local environment by including qualitative and seasonal ingredients and products from farmers, butchers, fisheries and dairies nearby. For instance, there is an association of some restaurants and food artisans who are passionate about developing locally based culinary experiences.

Thus, surfer and other people on the beach are being served from small food trucks which offer fish and sea food specialities. The fish cakes are prepared in a local youth centre and the cod is caught by the neighbors on the beach, namely the fishers from local fishing cutters.

The catch of the day and other local products can also be tasted at the gastronomy at the city's square. A former boat shop and a café with space in the sun are among the favorite places to, for example, get served traditional dishes with both Danish and French touches in a historical setting. It is a meeting place for both tourists and locals and it is open from early in the morning to late aften. You can enjoy a dish with shelled prawns and a dark beer from the local brewery.

The beers are brewed close to the square according to their own recipes and the very old craftsmanship. The master brewer is part of the process, from selecting the best malt and hops to mashing, herbal cooking, fermenting, brewing and bottling. You can taste their selection and if you sit there long enough, chances are high to learn the specialities of the beers.

In Løkken it is easy to satisfy the desire for something sweet with the well-known, colorful candy. Throughout the entire year you can observe closely how the handmade candy is produced. The candy is boiled under an open fire and the candy mass is pulled on a hook to make the sweets more airy and porous. You can also try Italian ice cream which is freshly produced every day with ecological fruits and - if it is possible - with local ingredients such as raw milk from the local dairy. The flavors differ depending on the season and if you are lucky, you can get rhubarb, apple, strawberry, rose hip, elderflower, hazelnut, mint or rum and raisins.

Fresh fish from the beach

The highlight of the day in Løkken is when the fishing cutters are coming back from the North Sea and get pulled on the beach. Løkken is - together with Nr. Vorupør, Lild and Thorup Strande -  one of the few places in Denmark where the fish is still landing on the beach. The fishers are selling their fish directly from the boat and you can receive a SMS to know when the boats come ashore. Fish cannot be any fresher.

Meet Løkken's local producers

Every Wednesday in high season is a market day where the merchants and small food makers from nearby are coming to town. And in September you can experience a festival at the pier with food trucks and fashion shows.

Løkken Molefestival


Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten
Fiskerbåd Løkken


Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten
Surf i Løkken

Top 10 experiences in Løkken

Photo: Niclas Jessen


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