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The world of the sunfish (Mola Mola)

Photo: Flying October

Nordsøen Oceanarium is home to one of the most fascinating and strange creatures in the sea - the sunfish. Look forward to getting acquainted with the two beautiful specimens, which you can read more about on this page.

Meet the sunfish at Nordsøen Oceanarium

The sunfish is a sturdy, spherical fish that can weigh up to... Are you holding on tight? Almost 2.3 TONS! And the size? A staggering 3 meters in height and 3.5 meters in length. So they grow into quite a fish, with remarkable features that make it a great experience to watch. The large, round eyes can turn independently of each other, the huge head takes up a third of the body, under which a cute little mouth is hidden.

Klumpfisk, Nordsøen Oceanarium
Nordsøen Oceanarium

Meet the 2 sunfish

The sunfish are an impressive species of fish, and the two sunfish you can find at the Nordsøen Oceanarium are no exception. They swim around in their large and spacious Oceanarium tank, where they can unfold and show off their impressive size and beauty. One of the most unique experiences of visiting the sunfish is watching them being hand-fed by the diver.

Klumpfisk, Nordsøen Oceanarium
Nordsøen Oceanarium

Experience feeding up close

Don't miss the feeding of the two charming sunfish, which takes place twice a day during the high season. It's a great experience to watch the feeding and see how the sunfish swim towards the diver. Now it's time to eat!

Today's menu: Boiled mussels without shell.

Nordsøen Oceanarium
Destination Nordvestkysten

Sleep with the sunfish

Come and experience a unique and exciting overnight stay with the sunfish and other marine animals at the Nordsøen Oceanarium! You will have it all to yourself and together with our skilled guides you will get to know the animals and prepare the food. You will also have the opportunity to feed them. We will provide dinner and breakfast, and you will have a comfortable overnight stay with a view of the fish, where you can fall asleep after a day full of new experiences.

Read more here.

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