Par på cykeltur på kystsporet

Rent bicycles and equipment at Aalborg Outdoor

Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

Aalborg Outdoor offers renting of bicycles and equipment for various activities you can undertake, when you are on tour along Kystsporet. Here you find equipment for both activities on land and at the water.

kano og boards

Many guests want to be active on the beach and in the coastal landscape. It is possible to do that on the route Kystsporet,  where Aalborg Outdoor rents out outdoor equipment and brings it to you right where you are!

Aalborg Outdoor offers renting out the sauna on the beach, bicycles, SUP, kayak, mountainbikes and other equipment for fun activities on and at the water.

All payment takes places via Mobilepay.

Par på cykeltur på kystsporet
Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

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Aalborg Outdoor
tel.: 5057 5115

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