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Ulvedybet - vildtreservat

Ulvedybet functions as a rest area for thousands of migratory birds, and i.a. It is the home for Denmark’s national bird, the mute swan. You will find a variety of web-footed- and wading birds. They can be seen from the embankment.

Ulvedybet is situated south of A11 between Åbybro and Brovst, and you can get there either from Gjøl or from Hammershøj. You can see both Ulvedybet and Gjøl Bredning from the embankment, at which you will find several parking spaces. From Bjerget, which is the small hill at the parking space east of the embankment,  there is a fine view of the area. You will also find a bird tower west of the embankment, where you will have a close contact to the resting ducks and wading birds in the shallow area in the southwestern corner of Ulvedybet. East of Ulvedybet you will find a point at Gjølvej, from which there is an excellent view of particularly ducks and wading birds. Along gravel roads north of Ulvedybet you may reach a pumping station with a fine view of the reeds. During winter you may be able to see a blue harrier staying overnight. Oxholm Skov is crossed by a few roads leading from A11 to Hammershøj.

Tradition says that the name of Ulvedybet is descended from the time when a witch promised to exterminate the many wolves in the parish. She took her flute and whistled. All wolves followed her all the way to the coast of the inlet. Then the witch mounted her broomstick and flew into the sky. All beasts, one after another, jumped after her but fell into the water and drowned. Ever since that day, the place was called Ulvedybet. However, a wolf mother, who nursed her cubs in Ulveskoven at Birkelse, did not follow the witch. Consequently, for some time, there were many wolves in the area.


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