Tinkerdal Natural Playground

Tinkerdal Nature Area is a new place to visit for locals and tourists whom the Danish Forest and Nature Agency in Central Jutland has developed in cooperation with Holstebro municipality and Hogager and Skave Civic Association. What is developed here is not a traditional nature centre but an outdoor nature area where we put emphasis on different facilities that shall make it easier for the locals and the tourists to get some fresh air, exercise, recreate, experience nature and have social intercourse.  

These facilities offer activities for all age groups, from children in day care and school to adolescent, adults and elderly. These activities range from a calm and nice stay together with friends and family in the forest to challenging physical activities with or without a dog.  

Therefore Tinkerdal has many activities to offer: A forest nature playground for small ones, a GetMoving-exercise track for children and adults, a packed lunch area for small groups, a barbecue huts for large groups, shelters for sleepover ex. schools and scout plus tables, benches and fire rings. Moreover, you will find a large Dog Forest with fitness facilities for dogs north to route 16.  

Tinkerdal Nature Area is placed between to parking place. To the south you will find a smaller parking place by Tinkerdalsvej and to the north you find a bigger parking place on Route 16 with public toilets. This parking place also functions as a ”trail-centre” – a spot where marked walking and cycling tracks starts. 

From the ”Trail-centre” is it possible to go on a 30 km. cycling trip which will take you far and wide in the 5.824,27 acres government-owned Feldborg Nørreskov, that is Borbjerg-, Sevel- and Nordre Feldborg Plantation. You can also choose to go on a hike which will take you to a new area with tables, benches and a fire ring by Hogager Pond. In this area there is also established a small parking place by Hornstrupvej. 

During this year, planes for starting up nature activities for day nursery and schools from Hogager and Skave together with other parts of Holstebro municipality will be developed. The basic of these activities could be Tinkerdal Visit Centre, but will also involve the former forester place, Tingedalshus, which are placed in middle of the forest. 

The Danish Forest and Nature Agency in Central Jutland will in the coming years develop more nature guidance offers for locales and tourists in Tinkerdal Nature Area and Feldborg Nørreskov.