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Skærum Mølle - Rooms

Skærum Mill is located in West Jutland's magnificent nature by Lilleå and Storå.

The history of the place dates back to the Middle Ages, and Skærum Mill has belonged to both Tvis Kloster and the manor Nørre Vosborg.

Whether you come alone or as part of a larger group, there is room.

Skærum Mill offers single rooms, double rooms, apartments and houses, all located in the heart of the beautiful West Jutland nature.

Just outside Vemb you will find Folkeuniversitetscenteret Skærum Mølle, which offers good accommodation.

Accommodation can be booked on a daily basis as well as for longer periods, and with a location right down to Storå, the place is ideal for anglers and nature lovers.

We do not receive any kind of payment cards - cash only.


Skærum Mølle's history

The buildings house the Brickworks Museum, which tells about the brickworks company, which in the first half of the 19th century was among the country's leaders.

Den Gamle Brugs contains an exhibition with furniture and inventory from approx. 1910-15.

Per Kirkeby's "The house for stones and stars" is both a stone museum and an observatory.


In 1986, the place became the independent institution Folkeuniversitetscenteret Skærum Mølle which acts as a link between science, art and society.

Folkeuniversitetscenteret Skærum Mølle has a wing with double and single rooms.


Guidet tour

It is possible to book a guided tour of approx. 1 hour duration.



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