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Restaurant Søborg

Have you tried Steak on a Stone?

Søborg is Løkken’s stylish restaurant, café & steakhouse.

Søborg is the answer to a stylish restaurant, cafe and steakhouse, offering an authentic and different experience.

Have you tried Steak on a Stone? At the restaurant Søborg, they specialize in good steaks. Try their popular Steak on a Stone, where you finish the steak on the Finnish flatstone. Guests can also look forward to a menu of rib eye, entrecote, t-bone, and Argentine quality beef.

A classic Danish lunch.

The starting point is good raw materials, where the inspiration is drawn from the places where the taste experiences are greatest. The restaurant offers traditional Danish specialities, such as “Stjerneskud” and “Pariserbøf”. If the selection is too large, the restaurant also offers a buffet. During the high season, the food can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors on the terrace. Call the restaurant for more information about opening hours.


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