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Pop-Up Cinema

Løkken Turistbureau and Action House invite you and your family to true Autumn "hygge".

Halloween-decorated frames, costumed Halloween characters serving warm popcorn and ice-cold drinks, pumpkin lanterns with candles, popcorn and pillows on the floor, then there is bound to be coziness in the spooky!

Take your siblings or friend under your arm and come to a unique pop-up cinema experience at Action House in Løkken for the autumn holidays.

Take part in the costume competition

Show up as anyone or anything - it can be anything from a vampire or a scarecrow to Spiderman, while you are served popcorn, soda and Halloween sweets by a Halloween-dressed staff from Løkken Turistbureau in a room full of illuminated pumpkin lanterns!

It's autumn spookiness!

Date: Friday 20/10 at 14:00-16:00

Film: Kaptajn Sabeltand og Den Magiske Diamant

Book tickets here: Book ticket here

Price: DKK 65 + fee. The price includes a soft drink and popcorn.


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