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Nørgaard Fish and Smokehouse

Nørgaard Fisk and Røgeri at Vesthavnen in Thorsminde offer both fresh, cold and hot smoked fish, and other homemade delights. With us you will always find good deals on locally caught fresh fish and home-produced smoke products - including mackerel, herring and salmon.

The large selection in the store depends on what the cutters bring to the fish auctions in eg. Thorsminde - directly from the North Sea.

On weekends you can enjoy a fish burger, pan-fried fish or maybe a delicious fish plate on the spot.

In the summer, there is outdoor dining on the terrace every day, where you can enjoy the authentic and rustic atmosphere of the West Harbor.

We also offer food out of the house, among other things, fish tapas, fish cakes and other delicacies.

Welcome to the West Harbor!


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