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Mellma Café og Bar

At Café Mellma you can look forward to a wonderful meal both for lunch and dinner. The cafe is centrally located on Torvet (town square) in Løkken, and here it is possible to sit both outside and inside.

If you are looking for a good mellma (snack), Café Mellma is just the place. The menu is characterized by the traditional smørrebrød (open hand sandwich) of Danish cuisine with delicious goodness on top but do also offers regular cafe dishes ranging from burgers, salads and Stjerneskud (shooting star).

Café by day and music venue by night

Café Mellma has won the hearts of many foodies with their popular *Smørrebrød buffet, which can be enjoyed at a moderate price. The cafe offers buffet every day between 12.00-15.00. The menu card also offers traditional cafe dishes - a competitor to the smørrebrød buffet among the locals is the good Danish-Jutland classic Bøfsandwich with lots of gravy and rustic café fries.

Café Mellma has provided a good atmosphere since they opened back in 2020 with live music on selected evenings. Guests often stay here after a savory dinner to take part in the evening entertainment. Stay updated about the cafe's music events on their Facebook page.

Top 3 Danish dish to order for lunch

  • Stjerneskud (shooting star): a type of smørrebrød / open hand sandwich with a fried and a steamed plaice fillet on white toast bread garnished typically with asparagus, caviar, prawns and lemon and a piquant dressing based on sour crème.
  • Bøfsandwich (beef sandwich): Two pieces of burger buns with a burger in between with pickled cucumbers, pickled beetroot, ketchup, roasted onions, raw onions and pan-fried soft onions, and remoulade.
  • Smørrebrød (open hand sandwich): Slices especially of rye bread but also white toast, that are coated with toppings such as cheese, fish, meat, liver pâté or sausage. It can be lunch, dinner, or a snack.

A café in a historic setting

Welcome to the old dairy in Løkken. A dairy was operated here in the building from 1900 until 1982. It has, however, been rebuilt over several rounds. A grill bar was then run until 2020, when the current owners have transformed the former dairy into a trendy and lively café.


*Due to the high demand it is recommended that you make reservation for the Smørrebrøds buffet.


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