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Løkken Pier

Løkken Pier is a wonderful place to visit, whether you want to fish or just take a walk on the 200 m long pier and enjoy the sunset over the North Sea.

You can fish all year round from the pier in Løkken. Possible catches from the pier include: plaice, cod, mackerel, garfish, eel, dab, and flounder.

Renovation of the Pier
Løkken Pier has been renovated from June 2014 to May 2015.  The new leisurely features of the pier will benefit locals and travellers alike. Enjoy the view over Løkken beach and the dunes when you take a walk on the 200 m long pier. If you want to fish, enjoy the new facilities, which make fishing more enjoyable.
The new facilities also make it possible for wheelchair users to use the pier. 


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