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Kunstunik in Thorup Strand

Kunstunik –former havekunstunik - shows unique  art, made for decoration of gardens and parks, ideal as presents for the garden.

These are personally chosen, mouth blown and handmade objects. They are full of fantasy, colorful and can be outside all year round. Many of them are made from glass and rusty iron or stainless steel, some even lightened from the inside.

All the garden objects are placed in our 3.000 m2 garden, just 300 m from the sand dunes and the ocean.


Kunstunik is now also showing BOROWSKI STUDIO LINE, which is art on the same high level as our garden objects and can be placed anywhere in your home, office og similar. 

Lise-Lotte og Thomas are looking forward to see you.

Kunstunik is always open by appointment. Please call for appointment.


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