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Klitmøller Røgeri

Klitmøller Røgeri is a fish market and dining place.

Klitmøller Røgeri is a fish market and dining place that offers smoked fish, ‘stjerneskud’ (a Danish specialty), salads and a good cup of coffee in a “hyggeligt" environment right by the ocean. All our dishes are made with fresh seasonal ingredients and bought locally when possible. 

In 2022 Klitmøller Røgeri opens with new owners and a new concept and refreshed setting. We smoke our own fish in the heart of ‘Cold Hawai’i and our place is one of the few woman-owned smokehouses in Denmark.

Klitmøller Røgeri is mainly open for lunch but during the season we will also host different events day and night, so follow us in Instagram or Facebook for weekly updates.


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