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Jump and Bounce in Løkken

Every year, during children's autumn break and the winter break, the local gym, Løkken Idræts- og Svømmehal, invites children to a "Jumping day".

Everyone is welcome, both children from Løkken and children visiting Løkken. So come and join us so you can use up some autumn energy.

Imagine two houses put together – it is approximately the size of the world's largest mobile bouncy pad, which covers 320 m² and can accommodate up to 300 children. When this giant bouncy pad is unfolded, it's always full speed ahead! The hours fly by while children jump, do gymnastics, sit and swing or find a quiet corner for a chat. For the smallest children, up to 2 years of age, a smaller jumping pad of 36 m² is also set up, which is perfect for them.

It is guaranteed that their children will be tired and sleep well after a day on the large bouncy cushion.

NB! Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Come and jump along to Great Jumping Day in Løkken Sports Center! Juice boxes and cake free of charge for the children.


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