The highest point in Hanstholm Wildlife Reserve, and also the highest point in Thy National Park.

As you move up to the slope towards the viewpoint Isbjerg, you will realize, why National Park Thy is called Denmark's largest wilderness.

The area has been a wildlife reserve since 1949. At 56 metres above sea level, you have a free view across the unspoiled landscape and to the sea 6 kilometres away. If using binoculars you ma be lucky to se red deer and cranes - maybe even an osprey or white-tailed eagle.

During the stone age the area was an archipelago. Where the dune heath lies today, there was the sea bed. The Isbjerg was ons an island and lake Nors Sø was a bay. At several places in National Park Thy the original coast line vcan be seen as steep slopes. It's exactly such a slope you walk on, when you walk up to the Isbjerg on the marked trail.