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The passage grave at Hvisselhøj is unique with 3 stonebuilt chambers from the Stone Age.

Nowhere else in Denmark have they ever found a passage grave with three chambers built behind one another. However, you may find passage graves with a main chamber and a subsidiary chamber. In total, 25 passage graves each with a subsidiary chamber have been found in Jutland. Add to this, further two on Zealand and another two on Lolland.

Primarily, there has been a concentration of passage graves, each with a subsidiary chamber, in northern Jutland, and this fact may lead to the confirmation of a theory, which has prevailed during recent years. The theory indicates that intinerant, local specialists have built the complex megalithic tombs.

This is underlined by the fact that elsewhere - i.a. in the region around Frederikssund on Zealand - they have found construction details so similar that it must be the same craftsmen. The construction and building of the complex passage graves have required immense resources and a highly specialized knowledge.

Even though the bearing stones and the covering stones have been the central elements in building the passage graves, a lot of details have been found, which complete the work. For instance, the dried walls between the bearing stones and the flint covers in the high construction, which drain off the rainwater from the chamber.

There is public admittance to Hvisselhøj.


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