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Holstebro Museum

Holstebro Museum displays natural and cultural history for the Holstebro region:

Collections and exhibitions tell the story from ancient times to the present. Here you can immerse yourself in the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Viking Age, as well as the local history of Holstebro as a trading town, the tobacco industry and Birns Jernstøberi. There will also be special exhibits about current events.


The cultural-historical museum in Holstebro tells Denmark's history in Western Jutland.

When the museum reopens, it is with 14 exhibitions - 14 stories that you can explore yourself. All the stories are linked to Holstebro. The exhibitions make you wiser about the connections between the West Jutland and the world. For example, one of the exhibits is about the early Stone Age in the area and in a larger perspective.

The Adventurous Loft is the name of the new permanent exhibition. Here you are surprised and challenged by the impressive collage. The museum offers sensual experiences, and you can interact both analogously and digitally. At the same time, there is also room for the traditional museum experience, where you can immerse yourself in the topics.

An important part of Holstebro's local history is about trade, tobacco industry and iron foundry. These topics also immerse themselves in the museum. An entire room is dedicated to the iron foundry's factory history dating back to 1862 in Holstebro. Here, 11 people tell the story, and you can hear sounds from the factory, which were you in the middle of everyday life at the factory. In this way, the industry's past and present are communicated to the museum.

The exhibition "An everyday life in spite" tells about the occupation during World War II, the resistance struggle and daily life.

Holstebro Museum has thematic special exhibitions, which can be seen in two years. The exhibits' topics go across the time. It can e.g. Be faithful over time from the oldest to the present. The museum guest is confronted with whether he / she believes. Thus, historical issues become current and take part in the debate.


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