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Galleri B

Experience a colorful art exhibition with both the very large and small paintings by Lenette Blaabjerg (Lenette's Gallery).

Abstract acrylic paintings inspired by the wild nature here in Thy.

Surrounded by forests, lakes, the North Sea and lots of sky - in the middle of the beautiful National Park Thy, I find inspiration in the contrasts of the raw and harsh - the mild and calm... here I live...

The Abstract, immediate and preferably colorful works are created in the process, which I call "head emptying" works. Always full of many layers and details, I work with both brush, spatula, oil chalk, charcoal and other media.

In the Abstract Landscapes, I try to hit both something raw, rough, untouched and at the same time create calm, depth and balance - perhaps a "place" where you can dream and experience something high up to the sky. Here I mostly work with putty, brush, beach sand, my fingers and other media.


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